Monday 08-17-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5×10 BB front rack lunge*
*5 Tempo ring rows @31X3 + 5 strict ring dips b/w each set

B. For time @69/95#:
30 front rack lunges
15 burpee box jumps @20/24″
20 front rack lunges
10 burpee box jump
10 front rack lunges
5 burpee box jumps

Workout Intentions: For Part A, build to a heavy set of 10 alternating lunges. Once you’ve found a challenging weight, you can being counting your sets. After each set of lunges perform 5 ring rows and 5 ring dips. Rest as needed between movements and sets. Variations should be tough and require you to rest.

For B, the barbell weight should be light. The first set of lunges should be 1-3 sets. Pace the burpees. Try to hit the set of 20 in 1-2 sets, and the set of 10 lunges should be unbroken.