Monday 10-26-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Bear Complex
5 x 5
*1 rep=
1 power clean
+ 1 front squat
+ 1 S2OH
+ 1 Back squat
+ 1 BTN S2OH

B. 8 min AMRAP
8 hang squat cleans @65/95#
8 t2b

Workout Intentinos: For the Bear Complex, you will build to a challenging weight and then hit your 5 sets of 5. This will require a high amount of effort for each set, so you will want a box or bench to sit on between sets. If you are challenging yourself, you will likely want 2-3 full minutes of rest between sets. This will take the majority of class time. Coaches will go over efficient cycling tips as well as cues for when that bar gets heavier. 

For Part B, we have a couplet int he form of an AMRAP. Your barbell weight should be light; ideally something that allows you .  to go unbroken for most of the 8 minutes. Use your walk from barbell to rig as your rest in this workout.