Monday 11-29-21

A. E2:30 – 5
3 Deadlifts increasing weight every round. In part A. try and build up to a weight higher than you’ll be using for the workout in Part B. Find your heavy and mechanically sound three reps.


For Time….
RX 155/225#
Intermediate 105/155#
Beginner 65/95#

21 Deadlifts
500m Row
15 Deadlifts
500m Row
12 Deadlifts
500m Row
9 Deadlifts
500m Row

For today’s workout individuals should be able to complete their round of 21 deadlifts in 1-3 sets, the round of fifteen in 2-3 sets, the round of 12 in 1-2 sets, and the 9 in 1-2 sets. Choose an appropriate weight for the workout form the options listed above.