Monday 3-20-23 Workout Of The Day

E 2:30 – 5

1 Power or Squat Clean & 3 Jerks

Part A. is more about skill and practice than strength. Work up to a weight were you can perform three jerks AND still have 2-3 left in the tank. Hold your receiving position for 2-3 seconds then stand the weight up. When performing your split jerk, here are some points of performance…

  1. Control your dip, slower on the way down and only two inches in depth.
  2. Knees should come out (not forward) and weight should be balanced across the bottom of your foot.
  3. Drive hard on the way up, launch the bar off your shoulders then secure the bar overhead in your receiving position.
  4. Stand it up. Feet back to neutral stance from a power jerk and front foot moves back and back foot moves forward to have the feet meet in the neutral position.

AMRAP – 10
“Beauty Pageant”
6 Power Jerks
8 Front Squats
7/10 Kcal ECHO

RX: 85/115#
Intermediate: 65/95#
Beginner: 55/75# +/-

This AMRAP should be smooth and consistent. Pick a weight you can perform solid and controlled jerks with & go directly into your front squats. Perform your jerks as if you’re being judged on each and every one of them rather than getting them done for speed. Pace the bike so you can get back to work on the bar ASAP.