Monday 3-29-21 Workout Of The Day

EMOM – 16
6-8 “Strict Thrusters”
6 Chin-Ups

AMRAP – 15 @ 30/40# +/-
10 Dbl. Bell Cleans
10 Dbl. Bell Front Squats
10 Dbl. Bell S2OH
16/20 Kcal

Workout intentions… For the first part of todays workout take some time to build to your most challenging version of a “Strict Thruster” (Front squat and strict press) and Chin up. You will perform eight sets of each movement.
Part B. will challenge you with three double bell movements where the weight you use will be limited by the shoulder to overhead movement. Pick bells that you can use for all three movements an perform ten reps unbroken for each.