Monday 5-9-22 Workout Of The Day

E2:30 – 7
3 Position SQUAT Clean
High Hang, mid hang (between the top of the kneecap and mid thigh), low hang (just below the knees NOT MID SHIN)

We won’t get too heavy in part A. as you’ll be using the same weight for all three positions. The goal for this is to learn to use your legs and create as much upward momentum as possible from the high hang (pockets position), then keep that leg drive and extension and shrug in mind for the mid and low hang. Everyone will be at a different place and have slightly different things to work on in these positions.

For Time
50 Wall Balls
25 Push Ups
50 Box Jumps
20/25 Kcal ECHO

Hopefully you’re feeling “chipper” today. Part B. will be a Short and quick gas pedal workout. Try to keep moving and find methods and modifications to help you to keep moving. Wall balls 14/20# +/-

Your methods and modifications should allow you to knock out 10 unbroken wall balls and 10 push ups.