Saturday 11-21-2020 Starke HomeFit

40/30 cals
30 DB squat cleans
30 Alternating DB snatches
30 Push-Ups
30 DB Push Presses
Rest until the clock reaches 16:00, then REPEAT!

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will start today’s workout with a running clock. It begins with 40 cals for guys, 30 cals for ladies on whatever machine you have available. You can sub running, skipping, stairs, etc. for the cals if you don’t have a machine. It should take you about 2-3.5 minutes, depending on how efficient you are on the machines. Use that time domain when deciding on reps for modified movements. The DB squat cleans and Push Presses will be with 2 DB’s if you have, otherwise 1 is fine. DB snatches will be with just 1 DB, alternating left-right each rep for a total of 30. Chip away at these reps, and break up your sets as needed. When the clock reaches 16:00, you will begin back at the calories and perform one more full round! The goal is to be done your first round before the 16 minute mark, so you get some rest! If you happen to still be working at 16 minutes, stop and go back to the start. Regardless of how long you take on the first set, and even if you don’t finish the first set, you will finish the second! There is no time cap @32 minutes, however the goal is to be around the same time as your first set. If possible, try and beat your time on the second round through. Have fun!