Saturday 4-29-23 Workout Of The Day

6 rounds for max reps: 
1:00 calorie row
1:00 burpees
1:00 double-unders OR single unders
Rest 1:00

Today’s workout is a “fun” one called “Ghost” and is created after Robert the “Ghost” Guerrero check out Robert hitting the workout HERE

This workout will be set up in stations and members will need to keep count of reps to tell the coach at the end of each round. Your score for each round is your grand total of reps in that round combining your Kcal on the rower, your burpees and your double or single unders. To keep counting simple, if you finish with 20 kcal when the bell goes, immediately transition to your burpees counting your first rep as 21. At the bell transition to your rope and keep counting up with your double unders. The coach on deck will write your numbers for each round so keep count.

With a larger class size, the start of following heats will be every two minutes to allow for a fresh start on the rower and an easy transition without a loss of time and setup / reset. #enjoy