Saturday 9-11-2021 Workout Of the Day

For time with a Partner @65/95#*
*every 5:00 both partners run 300m til complete
75 lungesters
75 t2b
75 power snatch
75 front squats
75 cals
75 back rack BB step ups @20/24”

Workout Notes/Intentions: today’s workout is a partner wod- you can split the work however you choose as per usual. 1 lungester=lunge left + lunge right + thruster. Power snatches are from the ground with the barbell. For step ups, the bar will be on your back and you will step up all the way, opening your hips to complete the rep. Every 5 minutes you both just stop what you’re doing and go run 300m. Return to where you were when you come back in from the run. Continue until the entire workout is complete.