Saturday 9-18-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 10-8-6-4-2
BB bench or floor press*
8 single arm DB/KB row after each set of bench
*add weight to bar every round

 B. 18 min AMRAP @30/40#
10 dbl KB C&J
10 dbl KB Deadlifts
10 dbl KB squat cleans
*every time you break, 7/5 cal bike

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, increase your weight as the reps go down. Between each set of bench or floor press, you will d0 8 single arm rows per side. Challenge yourself with weight, and try to get to a heavy set of 2 by the end. Ask for a spot as you get heavy.

Part B is a longer AMRAP. Choose a set of 2 kettlebells that are lighter than usual, so you can get through more than 10 reps without needing to break. Every time you put those bells down you must hop on the Echo bike and do 7/5 cals before continuing where you ar