Starke Ground N’ Pound Turkey

Just a quick little video of a go to meal of mine. 

All you need is…
✅ Extra virgin olive oil
✅Two packs of ground turkey
✅ Some pasta sauce
✅ Franks Hot Sauce
✅ Tomatoes
✅ A Pepper
✅ Spinach
✅Pasta or Quinoa
✅Salt N Peppa

Throw in the meat, cook it up until it’s no longer pink, add the pasta sauce and some franks, mix it up, add your veggies, cook it until you see some shrinkage in the spinach and you’re good to go.
Throw it on top of some pasta or some quinoa and you’re ready to rock.

Let us know if you liked this and what else you’d like to see and we’ll put something together for you.