GYM NEWS: This week we’re beginning our test programming for the Starke Boot Camps in our StarkeFit classes. We will be running a boot camp schedule of 20 – 30 classes a week starting in September with the goal of attracting members looking for a higher level of fitness but aren’t interested in the more technical aspects used in our CrossFit & Fitness classes.

The boot camp classes are designed to provide a challenge to individuals who might not consider themselves athletes (yet) and can be scaled up or down easily depending on the individuals level of fitness.

These classes will be 30-minutes in length and will provide a challenge to anyone participating. Lower skilled movements mean higher intensity which leads to greater results.

All classes will be coached from start to finish with our amazing Starke coaches who will be providing modifications for those in need and a challenge for those who are willing to accept it.

We will be doing an intro price for all new participants for the first month to come and see what Starke has to offer.

We’re excited to be offering fitness options to a wider variety of individuals and look forward to helping them to achieve fitness that is “Better Than Yesterday”

Stay tuned, follow our Instagram Page “starkebootcamp” or email for more information.

See you at the gym!

Monday 7-16-18

Med Ball circuit 0:45 second work 0:15 second rest/transition

3 rounds (21 minutes)

-carry same med ball throughout circuit

-squats (holding medball)

-ball slams

-sit ups with ball

-squat and press with ball (squat holding ball and press overhead-“thruster”)

-touchdown to curl to press

-wall passes / wall balls



Tuesday 7-17-18

Part A)19 minutes

5 x 3 min AMRAP’s with 1 min rest between each

Run 300m then in remaining time:

Max rep squats (air squats or wall balls for more experienced)

Rest 1 min

300m run +

Max rep ring rows

Rest 1 min

300m run +

Max rep walking lunges

Rest 1 min

300m run +


Rest 1 min

300m run +

Max rep box jumps or box step ups


~2 minutes rest before beginning part B


Part B) 4 minutes

Tabata core work- 0:20 work 0:10 rest for 8 rounds (4 minutes total time including rest)

Alt between Russian twists and plank static hold

*odd rounds=Russian twists

*even rounds= Plank

Wednesday 7-18-18

Part A) 21 minutes

Circuit 1:00 work, 0:30 rest

2x at each station before advancing to next (ex: 1 min split squats, 30 sec rest, 1 min ss, 30s rest/transition then 1 min burpees 30s rest 1 min burpees 30 sec rest/transition)

  • Split squats
  • Burpees
  • DB press
  • Line hops (paralette hops for more advanced)
  • Goblet Squats
  • Jump rope
  • Sleds- hand-over-hand pull then push


No more than 2 minutes before starting part C


Part B) – 2-minute time cap

50 situps


Thursday 7-19-18

Part A) 15 minutes

15 min AMRAP***

10 ring rows

20 jumping lunges

10 pushups (use wall or box assist)

20 squat jumps

***Every 90s perform 3 shuttle runs with a plate before returning to where you were


Part B)

Every 1:30 x 4 sets without putting bells down

8 DB curls

8 DB press

8 DB bent over rows


Friday 7-20-18

-25 minutes

Tabata Sets

0:20 on 0:10 rest x8

1-minute rest between stations

-KB goblet squats

-glute bridge raise (single leg-alt L and R each round)

-DB renegade rows

-KB Sumo DL High pull

-battle ropes (alternating waves and double arm waves)