Monday 7-23-18

A) shuttle runs; stop class every 0:30 (approx.) to do one of these between each period of shuttle runs

10 air squats

8 burpees

10 ring rows

8 pushups

B) 3×3 min AMRAPs with 1 min rest/transition between each

2 times through (in this order, then repeat for a total of 23 minutes including rest)

AMRAP 3 min

8 step ups (add DB for challenge)

8 squat jumps

rest 1 min

AMRAP 3 min

5 ring rows

5 pushups (sub to box or bench pushups or HRPU)

rest 1 min

AMRAP 3 min

8 shuttle runs

8 burpees

rest 1 min


Tuesday 7-24-18 

A) warmup: (1-2 rounds, without weight first set; if time for a second warmup set add light plate as warmup for workout)

1 manmaker

10 air squats

1 manmaker

5 burpees

B) 16 minute AMRAP a plate

10 Squats holding plate (tight to body for newer athletes, overhead for advanced if desired)

10 Plate burpees (drop plate and do a burpee jumping onto and off of the plate each time)

E2min do 1 manmaker in gym, starting the AMRAP with manmaker** (no plate for manmaker)


**set up 3 cones lengthwise in the gym. Start at the turf and have 3 cones to run to for the manmakers.

1 manmaker=First cone-back to turf, second cone-turf, last cone-turf

C) Tabata planks*:

8 rounds 0:20 work 0:10 rest

*regular and side planks, mix it up


Wednesday 7-25-18

 A) warmup: 2-3 rounds

8 shuttle runs

2 sled lengths

15 air squats


3 groups/stations, each is 0:30 work 0:30 rest x6 rounds (6 minutes)

with 1 minute transition between stations (20 minutes total)

*spend 6 minutes at each station then 1 min to go to the next station


Station 1=Battle ropes:

1: alternating waves

2: trim hedges

3: double waves

*2 rounds (6 minutes)


Station 2= Sleds

Simply 30 seconds pushing sled 30 seconds rest


Station 3= wallballs or squats holding med ball

Simply 30 seconds of wallballs 30 seconds of rest


Thursday 7-26-18

A) 3 sets: (warmup)

8 calorie row

6 air squats

4 burpees

B) 10 rounds with partner

10 rounds each**

0:30 row

0:30 burpees

**Partner 1 works while partner 2 rests. 1 minute of work followed by 1 minute of rest while partner is going. This will take 20 minutes total.

**I did this with biking and burpees and it SUCKED. All-out effort for your minute of work. Work hard rest hard!





Friday 7-27-18

 A) warmup 2-3 sets:

150m row

10 lunges

0:15 plank

10 squats

0:15 plank (pointers; alternate lifting an arm off ground)


B) Circuit- 3 rounds

1:00 at each station 0:30 rest/transition to next



Squats (could add weight with DB for advanced athletes)

Renegade rows

Lunges (could add weight with DB’s for advanced athletes)

DB press (light)