Sunday 01-20-19 Workout Of the Day

A. E90s x 10 rounds (15 min)
Odd: 5 front squats @ 33X1
Even: 10 KB floor press @ 31X0

B. E 4:00 x 5 rounds (20 min)
15 box jump overs @20/24″
12 DB front squats @35/50#
15 burpees


  • Weight for front squats should be challenging but it is a considerable amount of time under tension therefore it will not be close to your maximum front squat. It will also be considerably less weight than you would use for a regular set of 5. Focus on form and breath.
  • For Part B you should have approximately 1:1 work to rest ratio (meaning the work should take about 2 minutes, give or take). The goal for this is to be consistent each round, right through your final round. You should have adequate time to recover and keep the intensity high for all 5.