Sunday 03-07-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 4-6 sets
2/side TGU
4 strict KB press/arm
6 strict ring dips
8 ring rows

B. 3 RFT @35/50#*
time cap 15 mins
20 KB snatch
20 single KB thrusters
75 DU/100 singles
*every time you put down the KB: 10/8 cals 

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will spend some time in warmup reviewing Turkish Get Ups, and building to a challenging weight for 2 reps per arm. You should alternate during your working sets (i.e. right-left-right-left). The strict press should be heavy, as it’s only 4 reps. Make the dips and ring rows as challenging as possible. Ring rows can be done with feet elevated on a box, and/or a tempo added. The coach will cap Part A at an appropriate time to allow for Part B. Try to get through 4-6 sets in that time. 

Part B is to be done with a single KB. Snatches and thrusters are 20 total- 10 per side. You can switch as often as you choose. The goal is to go unbroken on KB movements, as the penalty for putting down the bell is 10/8 cals on a machine of your choice. No penalty when you transition to skipping. Try to make it through the workout without having to do any cals!