Sunday 06-14-2020 Workout Of the Day

With a running clock…

cals bike

-rest 3:00-

100 KBS@40/60#*
*every time you break, 20/15 cal row

-rest 3:00-

Cal bike

-rest 3:00-

100 jumping lunges*
*every time you break, 10 sit-ups


Workout Notes/Intentions: Be smart about breaking up reps for this one. With the penalty for breaking, try to have a plan and hit bigger sets. Aim to break no more than 3 times on KBS (choose weight accordingly). For jumping lunges, try not to hit a big set initially (20+) while you’re fresh from 3 minutes of rest. Aim for 5 breaks or less on the jumping lunges. Pace the bike and burpees and just keep moving; consistency.