For today’s workout keep your gear off the floor and to the side, we’re gonna need a runway for this one…

Grinder – 30
2 x Heavy Sled Push
10 Double Bell Deadlifts + Farmer carry (2 lengths of the gym)
1-2 Rope Climbs
10 Double Bell Front Squats + Front Rack Carry (2 lengths of the gym)
2-4 Pegboard Updowns
10 Alternating Standing Press + OH Carry (2 lengths of the gym)

Today’s workout is going to be a bit of a grinder with some skill work incorporated. Partner up and share some weights as we’ll need a lot of bells out for this one. Move well and keep in mind the “walks” are to challenge your core stability while walking so keep that torso upright and ABS and obliques firing. Stay strong and stay tight!