GYM NEWS: Well, our AC is almost done being installed and ready to keep you cool on SMOKING HOT days. We’re excited to have AC in common areas if you need a break form the heat on warmer days. The gym area will have AC as well that will be running on crazy hot days for workouts where the garage doors won’t be open 🙂

Sunday 7-24-22 Workout Of The Day

3-5 Rounds Through
Strength & Stability
8-10 Pushups @ 31×1 Tempo
8-10 Back Lunges / leg w. 2 sec pause & knee up at the top
10-15 Dips
6-8 Single Leg Hip Hinge /side (slow and steady + add weight if possible)
8-10 Knee Tap & Reach / side (alternating)
8-10 Goblet Squats @ 31×1 Tempo

Today’s workout can be done with body weight or some additional weight if you have some at home. Take your time, go slow and move through it.

Here are some quick points of performance…
Push-up / Squat Tempo: A tempo always starts at the top of the rep or beginning with the eccentric portion of the movement. Lowering yourself from the top tot the bottom of a pushup is easier than pressing out of the bottom. Just like a squat. You’ll start at the top, then lower.  Start at the top, lower to the bottom for three seconds, pause for a second, push up then pause for a second at the top before starting your next rep.
Knee Tap & Reach: From a plank position bring your hand and opposite knee together for 1.5 seconds then reach out with that same arm and leg and hold for 1.5 seconds. Keep those abs tight and don’t let those hips rotate under you.