Thursday 02-04-2021 Starke HomeFit

A. E1:30 x 12 sets (4x thru)
set 1: 10 tempo bench/floor press @31×1 + hold ’til 0:20 mark
set 2: 0:30 single arm OH walk per side
set 3: 12 alt. gorilla row + 0:30 plank

B. For time:
100 KB swings
100 air squats
100 KB snatch
100 air squats

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a upper body and core strength focus. Every 90 seconds you will perform a set, for a total of 4 rounds through. Set 1 will be tempo bench or floor press, and then on your list rep you will hold the top of the rep until there is 20 seconds left in the set. Set 2 is a single bell overhead hold or walk; 30 seconds on each side. The third set is 12 gorilla rows (6 per side, alternating) into a 30 second plank. If you are able, you can make the plank weighted, 

Part B is a chipper. You will use one KB for the swings and snatches. Swings should be overhead if possible. The snatches can be switched however you like. Try to just move on the air squats at a steady pace. Second set of air squats should be quicker, especially those last 15-20 reps.