Thursday 09-10-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 18 (6 rounds)
1: 10-12 alt. DB bench or floor press
2: 10-12 gorilla rows
3: 8-10 DB curl to press

B. 5:00 AMRAP
300m run
max rep DB thrusters @25/35#

rest 3:00

C. For time:
DB thruster reps from “B”
300m run

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is upper body strength work. If a bench is available, do them from the bench. Otherwise floor press is fine. Set starts with 2 dumbbells locked out. You will alternate between right and left sides, while the non-working arm is locked out at the top of the rep. The gorilla rows will be done with KB’s and should touch the floor each rep. Use 2 dumbbells for the curl to press. This movement will be bilateral. Keep them as strict as possible. 

Part B should be a hard effort run. Whatever time is left on the clock when you return from the run will be spent doing DB thrusters. They are intentionally lighter than usual, to allow more work and less rest. Count your reps, and try to limit breaks to a few short breaths. Your score for B is your total reps. You should be going hard in the AMRAP. You will get 3 minutes of rest, and then you will start back at thrusters. You perform the total number you got in B, and then head out for a final 300m run. The run is your last piece of work so it should be high effort. The goal is right around 5 minutes, or slightly under. Record your time for Part C.