Thursday 10-21-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. Grinder x 25 mins
2 x heavy sled push
2 TGU/side (alt.)
10 ring pushup + mountain climber
10 goblet squat to step up

B. Core work
0:20 work / 0:10 rest x 4 sets per exercise
i) plank up downs
ii) Russian twists
iii) bicycles

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A today is a 25 minute circuit. The idea is to move for 25 minutes at a steady grind pace. Rest as you walk from station to station. You will not keep scores for this part, so the goal is to go heavy with everything and grind for the full time. The sled pushes are two lengths; you shouldn’t be able to run with the sled. The TGU’s are 2 per side, but you will alternate left-right (4 reps total). The ring pushups are as follows: ring pushup + mountain climber right + mountain climber left = 1 rep. The goblet squat to step up is as follows: 1 goblet squat + 1 step up right = 1 rep, therefore you will end up doing 5 step ups per leg in your set. Alternate each rep which leg you are stepping up on. 10 reps total will end up being 5 step ups on each leg. You can start at any movement so not everyone is on the rings/sleds at the same time.

Part B is not optional core work! You will be doing half tabata sets (four rounds instead of eight). Do all four rounds of the same exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Add weight to the Russian twists.