Thursday 10-29-2020 Workout Of the Day

Front Squats
5 x 3

For time:*
time cap 15 mins
40/30 cals
20 C2B
10 T2B
*15 front squats @65/95# after each exercise

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will be from the rack. You can share and sanitize the bar between each set, or you can choose to stay in your square and either use a portable rack or clean the bar from the ground for each set. Find a challenging set of 3 reps for today.

Part B is a short chipper, starting with cals on a machine of your choice. Cals will not be adjusted based on the machine, so indicate on the whiteboard beside your time which machine you used. HSPU can be kipping, and can be subbed for pike pushups, regular pushups or a push press. You should be able to perform a set of about 6-8 reps unbroken while fresh. C2B should be kipping and allow you to get those reps done in about 1-3 sets. T2B in 1-2 sets. After each exercise, you will perform 15 front squats with your barbell, for a total of 4 sets. This workout starts with cals and ends with front squats.