Thursday 11-08-18

In Teams of two…


“EMOM Wreckers”

20 Thrusters @65/95# (10ea.)

14 Box over Burpees 24/28” (7ea.)

16 C2B/Pull-Ups (8ea)

14/20 Kcal Row

80-100 DU’s (40-50ea)

The goal for this workout is to finish the reps with your partner under the minute. Maintain a “you go I go” rotation so when person one finishes their reps they get rest before the next minute/exercise.

If an athlete needs help from their partner to complete the work under the 60-second time cap that is acceptable.

Scale reps as needed to be successful completing reps and allow for “adequate” recovery. Example. If person two needs help with the pull ups person one could do 11+ reps to give person two a little less work to do.