Thursday 12-17-2020 Starke HomeFit

For time:
*buy in before each round:
15 KBS
10 KB snatch (5/arm)
5 pushups

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s WOD is an ascending ladder of thrusters and pullups. Before completing each round, you must buy in with 15 KB swings (overhead if you can), 10 KB snatches or DB hang snatches (5 per arm) and 5 pushups. Workout starts with 15 KBS, 10 KB snatch, 5 pushups. Then you perform 1 thruster and 1 pullup. Back to the 15-10-5, then 2 thrusters and 2 pull-ups. Continue in this manner until you complete 15-10-5 for your 10th/final time and complete the workout with 10 thrusters and 10 pull-ups. Thrusters can be barbell if you have, otherwise DB’s/KB’s will work. One KB or DB is used for the swings and snatches, ideally the same weight. Chip away at this one and have fun!