Thursday 4-27-23 Workout Of The Day

E2M – 6
Build to a challenging 2 TNG Clean & Jerk

Use part A. to drill technique on your Clean & Jerk. Newer members should be pulling from the hang position (just above the knee) rather than the floor. The push jerk will be the most efficient way to go here so ONLY go up in weight if you’re moving well and getting a solid lockout with every rep.

BB Clean & Jerk
Lateral Bar Over Burpees

RX: 65/95#
Intermediate: 55/75#
Beginner Hang: C&J @ 45/55#

Part B is a triplet. Your first set of C&J should be done in 2-3 sets along with your T2B or variation. Pace yourself on your burpees so you can get right back to work on your C&J for the next round.