Tuesday 06/27/2023 Workout Of the Day

Running clock…
(Cap 42 minutes)

1 mile run (buy-in)
then AMRAP:
10 wallballs @20/30#
10 DB snatch @35/50#
10 box jump overs @20/24″
12/10 cal echo
50 DU
10 single DB hang C&J
3 rounds:
20 burpees
20/15 cal ski
20 single DB lunges

Workout Notes: Today’s workout has 3 parts, done on a running clock. It begins with a one mile run buy-in against an 18 minute window. When you get in from the run, you will do an AMRAP of wallballs, snatches and box jump overs. Be consistent and smooth;  try to go unbroken on those movements. Then you get 2 minutes of rest. From 20-30 minutes you have a 10 minute AMRAP. The C&J are single DB at the same weight as the snatches, 5 reps per side. Then another 2 minutes of rest followed by the last portion; 3 rounds of 20 burpees, 20/15 cal ski and 20 lunges with a single DB, again the same weight as used above. You can hold the DB however you want. Cap is 42 minutes. Record a score for the first part, second part and a time for the last part (or CAP + reps you had left).