Tuesday 07-06-2021 Workout Of the Day

40 min AMRAP
300m run
15 power cleans @85/115#
30 wallballs @14/20#
15 S2OH
30 pullups
15 burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: Todays WOD is a long AMRAP. You can do it solo or choose to partner if you wish. If you are partnering you will both run 300m together at the same time every round. Power cleans and S2OH don’t need to be done unbroken. Break up the reps into smart sets such as 6-5-4, 7-5-3 or 9-6. Wallballs should be doable in 2-3 sets, quick sets of 10 with short rest if needed. For pull-ups you may do kipping, banded, jumping or ring rows. You want to be able to hit some bigger sets for this so you are not spending 5 minutes each round on pull-ups. Pace the burpees. It’s a long one so try to set a pace for yourself in the first few minutes, and maintain that for the full duration of the workout. You can always increase your efforts near the end if you are feeling good! (P.S. I looked at the weather for the week and intentionally chose the coolest day this week for running so that complaints will be kept to a minimum and we can avoid heat stroke!!!)