Tuesday 09-08-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets:
1 power clean + 5 front squats*
*0:45 wall sit between sets + 20 jumping lunges 

B. For time: @65/95#
hang power cleans
front squats
cal row

Workout Notes/Intentions: For A, you will build to a challenging set of 5 front squats, but you must clean the barbell from the floor each set. If you want, you may perform a squat clean for the first rep, and then 4 more front squats. You can build a bit throughout, but your first working set should be challenging. Between every set of squats, you will do a 45 second wallsit (weighted if possible), directly into 20 jumping lunges (no weight), resting as little as possible between wallsit and lunges. Rest after the lunges before returning to the barbell.

For Part B, barbell weight is nice and light. You should be able to get through those first sets of cleans and squats in ideally, 1-3 sets. If you are going to break before the squats, leave one hang power clean so you can start your set of squats by finishing off that last clean. Your legs will likely not be feeling fresh through this piece, especially after Part A. Use the row as recovery if you need. The last set of 12’s should be straight through on the cleans, right into front squats and then a hard effort sprint on the rower to finish.