Tuesday 09-15-2020 Workout Of the Day

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________GYM NEWS:
Well, fall is definitely here with the cooler temperatures and darker days. With that being said we’re in the process of opening up more class times on the schedule for members to attend.

This week you’ll notice the following changes on the schedule.
Tuesday evening @ 7pm
Friday evening @ 6:15pm
Saturday Weightlifting / Open gym 10:15am – 11:45am
Saturday group strength & conditioning @ 12:00pm

Potential For Another Morning Class: We are currently looking at doing a morning class at 7:15am or 8:15am two to three times a  week if the 9:30am classes continue to keep filling up and morning growth continues here at Starke. This could be a group Strength & Conditioning class or a pilot class that’s been in the works since last year and see how members like the structure and format of this new training option.

Saturday the 19th of September, we will be reintroducing Weightlifting onto the Starke schedule. We hope to see a lot of you out for the class to enjoy some “practice” time under the bar and knock some rust off if you haven’t been lifting consistently. These classes are geared towards getting stronger and more proficient in the Olympic lifts and accessory movements. If you’re new to lifting or a CrossFit veteran, you’ll benefit greatly from these classes.

This week Coaches Ben, Caden, Joe, Justin & Paul will be meeting to discuss the future of the Starke Weightlifting Club and nail down more structure for training days and times along with programming for this class. If you want to lift for fun or if you want to step onto the platform and compete, we’ll be here for you…

A. Skill Work: double KB snatch

B. 25 min circuit
60 DU
8 dbl KB snatch
10 dbl KB front rack lunges
12 alt KB strict press (6/side)
1:00 dbl KB front rack wallsit

Workout Notes/Intentions: In Part A, you will take some time to practice double KB snatches, and refine the movement for Part B. You don’t need to use the same set of bells for every movement in part B. There is no prescribed weight and no score for today’s workout. The goal is to move consistently for 60 minutes, and challenge yourself with a less used movement. The wallsits should be performed with 2 KB’s in the front rack; back flat against the wall and legs at a 90 degree angle.