Tuesday 11-24-2020 Starke HomeFit

3:00 work / 3:00 rest x 6 sets

400m row/ski or 0.5 mile bike or 300m run (buy-in each round)
in time remaining…
Max reps of:
Set 1: power cleans
Set 2: DB burpees
Set 3: lunges
Set 4: power cleans (BB, DB, KB)
Set 5: DB burpees
Set 6: lunges (BB, DB,KB)

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will work for 3 minutes and rest for 3 minutes. The 1:1 work to rest ratio allows you to work at a high intensity for your 3 minute rounds. Score for each round is the total reps you completed of the indicated movement. 

Each 3 minute round begins with a buy-in: if you have a machine, the distance is written above. If you do not have a machine or treadmill to run on, you could skip or run stairs. The cardio portion should take approximately 1:30, so choose your variation and reps accordingly. Once the buy-in is complete, you will have the remaining time (ideally ~1:30) to accumulate max reps of each movement.

There are three different movements, so you will end up doing each movement twice. Power cleans can be with a barbell, DB’s or KB’s. If using BB or DB, cleans are from the ground. DB burpees consist of a burpee and deadlift. Focus on keeping the back flat and using your legs. If you do not have DB’s, you can perform some version of a burpee; such as a burpee step up since you are missing the deadlift portion of the burpee. Lunges can be weighted with the clean weight you are using. They can be front rack, or at your side depending on the equipment and weight you have access to. Alternate stepping back or forward. In the second round through, try to beat your score from the first round of that movement!