Tuesday 4-05-22 Workout Of The Day

BB Bench Press
Ring Rows

Today’s workout is a little upper body push and pull with two movements. As the weight goes up on your bench press the rest will go down. This doesn’t mean it’s going to get easier. Set up with a  partner and make sure you have a spotter for all rounds. This one’s gonna get tingly.

Complete five heavy BB bench press then perform five ring rows. Decrease the weight slightly then perform 10 BB bench press then 10 ring rows… Continue with this format till all 30 reps are complete 26 min time cap.

6 Dbl. DB or KB Hang Snatch
8 Dbl. Bell Hang Squat Cleans
10 Dbl. Bell Front Rack Lunges

RX: 30/40#
Intermediate: 20/30#
Beginner: 15/25# +/-

Today’s workout will test your will with the steel. Keep those bells moving and heart rates up.