Wednesday 01-02-18


We hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year with some lifelong memories shared with loved ones.

A new year is always about new beginnings, a new you, a new routine etc… Positive changes are great but before you jump on the 2019 gain train, make sure to take a few minutes to look at 2018 and give yourself kudos for all the good things you accomplished.

Write down all the good then write down your 2019 goals as a continuation of what you’d like to succeed with. Now is a great time to set up a goal setting session with coaches at the gym and see what you can get done over the next few weeks and months to move the needle in the right direction.

These sessions don’t cost anything for members and can last up to 30 min. Why do we do these? Because we want you to succeed in the gym and when you succeed in the gym, it spills over into the rest of your lives…

Whenever you’re ready, we’re here


25 Min Grinder…

“Rise & Grind”

1 x 50′ Sled Push 270/360# (or whatever you cray kids want to throw on there…

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats 155/185 +/-

5 Strict C2B Chin Ups or Chin Ups or Supine Grip Ring Rows @ 31×1

7 Devils Press @ 35/50#

9 Strict-Ish T2B (legs straight with some beat swing)