Wednesday 02-10-2021 Starke HomeFit

75 bench or floor press*
*every time you break:
12 gorilla rows + 12 hollow rocks

B. 2 RFT:
50 KBS
50/35 cals

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A for today will be accumulating a total of 75 bench press (or floor press). Choose a weight that you can do 8-10 moderately challenging reps with before needing to break. Each time you rest, you will perform 12 gorilla rows (alternating, so 6 per side) and 12 hollow rocks. Hollow rocks can be weighted. Continue until all 75 bench presses are done. Try to stick with the same weight throughout; don’t lower it hallway through because it’s challenging! I recommend hitting a big first set. 

Part B is 2 rounds.Use the first round to pace yourself, and the second round to be a harder effort. The HSPU can be kipping- you should be able to hit at least 10 reps fairly comfortably to do them in this workout, otherwise you will spend most of your time on the HSPU’s! Pike pushups can be subbed, or a double bell push press if you wish. KBS can be heavy shoulder height or lighter overhead. The cals on the second round should be a hard effort; finish those last 10-15 cals with a solid sprint.