Wednesday 03-11-20 Workout Of the Day

A. Partner AMRAP 25 min.
50 OH plate lunges @25/45#
50 anchored sit ups
50 BB thrusters @35/45#
50 ring rows

rest 4:00

B. EMOM til failure or CAP 12 min
partner syncrho plate burpees
*starting at 6 reps, increase by 1 rep each min

Workout Intentions: Part A reps can be broken up however athletes choose. One partner working at a time, with quick transitions. Thrusters are intentionally light, so bigger sets can be performed.  

For Part B, partners must both perform burpees synchronized, hands touching the plates at the bottom of the burpee, both feet touching plate and high-fiving partner while both standing on the plate. Go until failure, or CAP 12 min @ 17 reps. Both partners must complete the reps in the minute. If you complete one round, you must go on to the next round! If one partner cannot make a round, both partners are done.