Wednesday 03-24-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: pistols

B. EMOM x 12
odd: pistols
even: pushups/HSPU

C. Against 15 min clock
50/40 cals
50 KBS
50 pushup
50 single KB thrusters
max rep pistols in time remaining

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will allow you time to work on pistols or pistol progressions. Coaches will go over drills and variations for all levels. Part B will be an EMOM to utilize the practice from Part A. Reps will be athletes choice. You should be getting about 15 seconds of rest each minute, so choose your numbers accordingly. The purpose is high quality reps/ skill work- save the speed and intensity for Part C.

Part C will be against a 15 minute clock. 50/40 cals to begin with. 50 OH KBS should be doable in a few bigger sets. Break up the pushups as needed. Thrusters are 50 total; 25 reps per side and you can switch however you like. Once you have completed the assigned reps, whatever time left will be spent accumulating pistols. They should be alternating if possible. Variations and modifications can be made for athletes prior to starting the WOD. Score is the number of pistols you accumulate.