Wednesday 05-05-2021 Workout Of the Day

Coach Caitlin’s Birthday WOD!
A. 35 min EMOM
1: 12-16+ box jumps
2: 8-12 dbl KB C&J
3: 10-15 burpees
4: 10-16 dbl KB box step overs
5: 10/12-15/18 cals

B. For time:
35 cals

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today is coach Caitlin’s Birthday, and she has requested this workout to celebrate with you all! It will be a 35 minute EMOM, 7 rounds. Choose your own numbers, which allow you to get work for about 40 seconds and rest for about 20. You want to be able to maintain your reps but be challenged for all rounds. Try to be consistent and stick to your reps all rounds!

The 35 cals in part B should be a hard effort! Record your time and indicate which machine you used.