Wednesday 07-08-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 15 min circuit
10 heavy KB/DB lunges, alt.
5/side single leg KB/DB deadlifts
0:45 wallsit (+ weight)

B. 3 sets against 3:00 clock
300m run
max dbl KB clusters @30/40# in time remaining
-rest 2:00-

Workout Intentions/Notes: Part A is a strength circuit targeting the lower body. Move through consistently, resting as needed between movements. Wallsits can be made tougher by adding weight to your legs while sitting in the 90 degree position (DB or plate). Aim to complete about 4-5 rounds in the 15 minutes. 

For Part B, run a moderate-hard 300m. Slow that run down as you come in the door so you can get to work on the KB’s right away. If you are resting on the clusters, make it quick. A few controlled breaths and then back to those bells. The weight you use should allow you to perform several reps (6-8+) without dropping. Score is clusters for each round.