Wednesday 09-23-2020 Workout Of the Day

Get as far as possible in 38 minutes…

5 rounds:
15 cal row
15 hang power cleans @85/115#
15 burpees
15 wallballs @20/30#

directly into…

4 rounds:
12 cal row
12 hang power cleans @105/155#
12 burpees
12 t2b

directly into…

3 rounds:
9 cal row
9 hang power cleans @125/185#
9 burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s workout is a long grind! Row, hang power cleans and burpees are the same movements throughout; only the last movement changes as the rounds go down. Weight for the hang power cleans also increases as the reps and rounds decrease. There is no rest between rounds; you will get rest when you are changing weights and as you choose to break things up. Chip away and try to get as far as you can in 38 minutes. Warmup will be short to allow for lots of working time!