Wednesday 1-12-22

For Time
100 Kcal Ski / Row
90 KBS
80 Alternating Gorilla Rows
70 KBS
60 KB Box Step ups (two bells)
50 KBS
40 Push Ups
30 KBS
20 Bell Over Burpees
10 KBS

RX: 2x Bells @ 35/50#
Intermediate: 2x Bells @ 30/40#
Beginner: 2x Bells @ 20/30#

Today’s workout kicks off with a 100kcal buy-in followed by kettlebell swings and some alternating body weight / kettlebell movements in a descending rep scheme. Swings are shoulder height and the only movement you need two bells for are the gorilla rows and step-ups. Goal finish time >35 min.