Wednesday 10-21-2020 Workout Of the Day

For time:
Get as far as possible in 36 mins…
5 rounds:

21 cal row
15 pullups
9 power cleans @105#/155#
rest 2:00
4 rounds:
21 cal bike
9 Hang Power Cleans @85/115#
rest 2:00
3 rounds:
21 bar facing burpees
15 t2b
9 thrusters @65/95#

Workout Notes/Intentions: This is a long one. You will change your weights during your short rest period. Everyone should have 3 separate weights for the three different barbell movements, even if it’s only 5# difference. There are a lot of movements in this workout, so warmup will be pretty short and specific to the workout. If bikes/rowers aren’t available when you need, use a ski erg or whatever machine is available. Have fun!