With tomorrow being remembrance day and our final workout at Starke before lockdown 2.0 maybe this is reminder that things aren’t so bad.

In this moment we may be inconvenienced by having to stay home and not do what we wan’t when we want but we can also make use of the time to learn and create new habits. In the end, we’re not suffering and things aren’t all that bad. Use this as an opportunity to mold yourself into a better version of you…

We have equipment rentals available to go out this weekend. Please email Michaela at info@starkestrength.com for your requests. More info will be provides tomorrow on the blog with an email being sent out to members. Please reach out to us with any questions you might have or support you might need.

Wednesday 11-11-20 Workout Of The Day

Today’s “holiday WOD will be a little different as we’re limiting class capacity and keeping the time a little shorter. Come out and hit the last in gym workout for a while. We look forward to having you with us for one last sweat session for a while 🙂

In 12 Minutes, Build to your heaviest Squat Clean Thruster

AMRAP – 20 @ 65/95#
11 Front Squats
11 Strict Press
11 Bar Facing Burpees (no push up)
11 Hang Power Cleans

Workout Intentions: Pick a weight you’ll be able to go straight through on for the front squats and hang power cleans and break once for the strict press if needed. When performing the bar over burpees, maintain a solid plank position in the bottom and move consistently. The only “real” rest you should need should be the transitions between exercises and once on the strict press.