Wednesday 5-26-21 Starke HomeFit

E3M – 6
5 Front Squats @31X1

*Every three minutes for six rounds perform five front squats at a tempo of 31X2 (three seconds down, one second in the bottom, explode up and two seconds at the top. Make sure to take a breath at the top and pressurize your lungs and abdomen before initiating your next squat.

AMRAP – 12
40 Double Unders
20 Anchored Sit-Ups
10 Clean & Jerks @ 65/95# (BB) 30/40# (Double DB or KB)

*Here’s another one of those “it looked easy on paper” workouts. Perform 80 single skips if you don’t have double unders, Have some DB’s (40lbs or more)  or a piece of solid furniture to slide your feet under for your sit ups and Clean & Jerks should be done from the ground if you’re using a Barbell, DB’s or Kettlebells.
Stay consistent and don’t underestimate the sit ups 🙂