Wednesday 6-15-22 Workout Of the Day

E4M – 5
8 BB OH Walking Lunges (or variation) & 6-8 strict pull ups, C2B pull-ups, weighted pull ups, ring rows.

Build to a working weight and variation for your lunges and pull ups before beginning. If you’re feeling good, add weights through your working sets as well. You should be getting at least a minute of rest with your transitions from one movement to the other.

AMRAP – 12
12/16 Kcal ECHO
10 T2B
8 Double KB Snatches

Twelve minutes of fun here. Use an ECHO bike if possible or a rower as your second choice for Cals. Double kettlebell snatches will be done from a back swing after your initial pull from the ground. If DB’s are needed, they can be used instead of Kettlebells.