Wednesday 7-14-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 18 min
1: 5-7/arm landmine press
2: 5-7/arm landmine row
3: 10-12 pushups

B. For time:
100 KBS
100 DU
75 goblet squats
75 DU
50 single KB OH lunges
50 DU
25 KB snatches (25/arm)
25 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body focused strength EMOM. For the landmine movements, you will use a barbell and a heavy plate or 2 on the ground to act as the landmine anchor. Coaches will demo the set up and the movements. You can do the landline press from a half kneeling position. If you want to add weight for the rows you can slide on and off between movements so you are being challenged appropriately for each exercise. Pushups can be done on rings, or with a deficit for a challenge. 

Part B will be done with a single KB. Break up the KB movements as needed, but it should be a light enough weight that you can hit bigger sets. The OH KB lunges are 50 reps total, you can switch arms whenever you want. The snatches are 25 reps per arm, 50 total. If you are doing single skips for this workout, double the reps.