Friday 10-30-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: Ring MU

B. EMOM x 10
ring MU*
*athletes choose reps

C. 4 sets for max reps @35/50#: (16 mins)
1:00 KB snatch
1:00 single KB step ups
1:00 burpee ring MU
1:00 rest

Workout Notes/Intentions: We will spend some time working on Ring Muscle Ups for those that are able to do them, or close to it. Coaches will provide skills and drills for you based on where you are at. For those that aren’t yet able to perform 2-3 strict pullups and 2-3 strict ring dips, you will focus on strength today; working on building the necessary baseline strength to perform a muscle up. The EMOM will be athletes choice of reps, based on what you are capable of. Those that are focusing on strength will do strict pullups + strict dips in the same minute, for 10 mins. 

In Part C, starting stations will be staggered to allow for space and equipment use. Burpee Ring Muscle Ups can be subbed for burpee C2B or burpee pullups. Weight for the KB snatches and step ups is the same; only one KB is needed. Count your total reps for each set (i.e. snatches + step ups + BMU). Aim for consistency across all 4 sets.