Monday 09-28-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Back Squats
5 x 5

B. For time
Back Squats @85/115##
Cal row

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, back squats will be from the rack. We haven’t done heavier squats from the rack for a while due to physical distancing and limited racks, but we are beginning to add them back in, while still being safe. Options include: sharing a bar/rack with someone in your family/house, sharing a bar but spraying and wiping it down between each set, staying in your square and using the portable racks, or staying in your square and going from the floor which would mean going a bit lighter. Choose the option you are more comfortable with. Find a challenging set for today, and remember we haven’t been squatting heavy for a while!

For Part B, you will be in your square and cleaning the bar from the ground to get it onto your back. Try to go unbroken on the squats. As the reps decrease, intensity on the rower should increase.