GYM NEWS: Hey everyone, we’ve got a “fun” workout today for the “Team Manitoba” fundraiser workout

Coach Ben has qualified to go to the Mid-Atlantic Sanctionals next week with some other amazing CrossFit athletes Kate Nizzio (Undefeated) Larissa Farrell (Auctus) and Rich Deschamps (Undefeated)

We’re encouraging all CrossFitters from the peg to come out for this WOD and help this crew out. Drop-ins are $15 and all funds from the event will go to the team.

USE THIS LINK to register or shoot us an email with your first and last Name and email address to set you up along with the time you’d like to attend. EMAIL

Call up your friends and let’s get em out!


Friendly Manitoba Team Fundraising WOD! brought to you by coach Ali 🙂


TIME CAP: 60 minutes


In teams of 4:

(Each team will complete A1 prior to starting A2 in synchro as a pair. Every minute on the minute a bell will sound and the next pair will perform three synchro SAME BAR over burpees before chipping away at the specified movement.


A1) 100 synchro power snatches @65/95#*

*EMOM both partners perform 3 bar over burpees

A2) 100 back squats @65/95#*

*EMOM both partners perform 3 bar over burpees


Once both A1 and A2 are complete immediately move on to part B…


B. 1 round split up anyway*

500 wall balls @14/20#

400 box jump overs @20/24″

300 overhead walking plate lunges @25/45#

200 pull-ups

100 t2b

*one person must be on a rower at all times, two people may be working on the reps above. Reps only count if there is someone rowing for Kcal…


Once B is complete move on to C1 & C2 …


C1) 100 synchro thrusters*

*EMOM both partners perform 3 bar over burpees

C2) 100 synchro hang cleans*

*EMOM both partners perform 3 bar over burpees




For A & C, the two team members jumping into the synchro work will perform 3 bar over burpees at the same time to start the minute. The barbell work is split up however you see fit until 100 reps are done. All members of the team must be complete part A before advancing to part B.


Part B can be broken up however you see fit. Recommendation: two people by the rower and two people working at reps, switching as needed. 500m switches on rower is a suggestion but not mandatory. Reps do not have to be synchronized but teammates must communicate and tally as they go. Since two teammates will be working at the same time and may move at different paces, counting will be important. Aiming to complete the same sets is a good idea as it will make counting easier!


Communicate, work hard and above all, HAVE FUN!