Sunday 02-25-24 Workout Of The Day

Circuit 25
8 Dbl DB / Push press w. slower controlled descent.
8 DB Single leg hip hinge / side
12 Alternating DB chest press
10 KB Deadlifts + 4 lengths loaded carry
8 Push ups with 3 sec shoulder tap*
Today’s Sunday strength is a circuit style on a 25 min clock. Pick challenging weights for your movements and move consistently through the workout.

Movement tips.
1. Push press: Quick on the up and controlled on the down (2ish seconds)
2. Single leg hip hinge: Use one or two DB’s
3. Db Press: Both arms locked out, alternate from the top
4. KB DL: 10 Deadlifts + 4 lengths loaded carry, garage door to the echo bikes + 1 length
5. Push up: Perform one pushup followed by a shoulder tap and hold for three seconds. Perform your second push up and use your other hand to tap the opposite shoulder. You’ll do eight push ups total and eight taps total. 

Core work, coaches choice (6-8 min)