Sunday 06/25/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 15
1: 5/ leg Bulgarian split squats
2: 5/leg staggered stance DL
3: 0:45 weighted wall sit

B. EMOM x 15
1: 10 alt. seated strict press
2: 10 alt. floor press
3: 0:45 L-sit/tuck/dead hang

C. For Time:
500m row
500m ski

Workout Notes: Part A and B can be done in either order- half the class can start on A and half on B. A is a lower body focused EMOM and B is upper body. Use dumbbells or KB’s for the split squats, KB for the staggered stance DL’s. For the strict press and floor press it’s 10 reps total alternating; 5 on each arm. Load with KB’s or DB’s. 

Part C is a very short metcon. You should be rowing and skiing at a high intensity as it is not long distances. Aim for sub 5 minutes!