Thursday 03-04-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. E90-20 (5 rounds)
1: 10 heavy DB snatch
2: 10 DB goblet squats
3: 10 heavy single DB hang C&J (6&6)
4: 14/12 cals

3-5 sets:
10 DB curls
10 DB strict press
10 DB tricep kickbacks

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, you should aim to use the same DB for all 3 DB movements. There is no prescribed weight because the goal is to challenge yourself and go heavier than usual. The 12 DB snatch are alternating and should be heavy- you will likely need to power snatch them rather than muscle snatching the entire time. The goblet squats will be with the same DB. DB hang C&J’s are 6 per side, not alternating. The cals can be on a machine of your choice. Adjust numbers as needed, depending on your ability and the machine you are on. You should be getting about 20 seconds of recovery. 

Part B is some accessory work. Grab a pair of light DB’s and try to get through your sets with as little rest as possible. Complete 3-5 sets, depending on time.